Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) gives you a full recruitment organization in house, so you can find the talent you need, despite the tough employee market. Attract the best people, always at the lowest cost.

Our RPO specialists take care of everything for you, going far above and beyond the scope of ordinary interim recruitment. From brand awareness with Recruitment Marketing to data analytics to bring out the success factors, they have the skills and expertise to implement the most effective recruitment strategy.

  • 85 experts behind every recruiter

  • Get the most valuable insights

  • A specialist for every challenge

  • From reactive to proactive recruitment

A unique approach for success

Recruitment Success Framework

We have combined our expertise and experience in our Recruitment Success Framework. In this framework we show you in ten steps how to make recruitment a success.

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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is very different from Interim Recruitment. With RPO, our team is fully embedded in your company and its culture. We help you implement a successful recruiting strategy every step of the way. That includes remaining constantly active in the market, so you always have access to the right talent whenever you need it. At the same time, our team generates valuable data which belongs exclusively to your company. As a result, your costs go down, and your speed, quality and effectiveness go up.

Long-term success with RPO


“It feels like we have been working with a colleague all along, rather than just hiring a freelancer for the job.”

Claudia Georgiades HR-Officer

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From business goals to recruitment strategy

Over 40 companies enjoy the benefits of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing every day. We translate their business strategies into a recruitment strategy that is backed up by our proven successful recruitment process. Our specialists immediately fill short-term vacancies while building an attractive long-term employer brand, giving you full control of your recruitment.


More than recruitment

Recruitment today requires a wide range of skills and expertise. For most organizations, it is a task that is too complex to handle alone. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides you with a team of specialists who have exactly the skills you need. It is the go-to solution for recruiting effectively while building a strong, attractive employer brand and a lasting pool of talent.

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Why others choose Timetohire

  • Regaining control of your recruitment.
  • Significantly reducing unnecessary recruitment costs.
  • Building an irresistible employer brand that people want to work for.
  • Expertise. With RPO, you get a project team with specialists for job marketing, employer branding and sourcing.
  • Flexibility. RPO is scalable and gives you a flexible structure for long-term recruiting success.

Our specialists


Recruitment Marketeer

4+ years of experience


IT & Tech Recruiter

15+ years of experience


Recruitment Project Manager

13+ years of experience


Sourcing Specialist

4+ years of experience


A.I. Recruitment Expert

7+ years of experience


Lead Recruiter

7+ years of experience


Discuss your challenges with a specialist

Want to know more about how Timetohire can tackle your recruitment challenges and learn about our RPO track record in your industry? Get in touch and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to make a full assessment.