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The Recruitment Success Framework

We’ve condensed all our expertise and experience into our Recruitment Success Framework. In 10 clear steps, we’ll help you go from recruitment strategy to recruitment success.

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Want to find out how we tailor our recruitment specifically to your organisation? Below, in just 2 minutes, we share our thoughts on what it takes to create an effective recruitment process.

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Success framework

Successful recruitment depends on a complete, well-organised recruitment process. We believe that a strategic recruitment plan with an efficient approach results in sustainable recruitment. Want to know more about our approach?

  • Discover

  • Engage

  • Optimise

01/ Discover.

  • Strategy & Alignment

    From a strategic 5-year organisation plan to day-to-day recruitment.

  • Awareness

    Raise your profile by working on a strong employer brand and a clear vision.

  • Interest

    Attract attention by sharing your vacancies through the right channels and focusing your marketing strategies specifically on your target group.

02/ Engage.

  • Consistency

    Build a talent pool and fill vacancies faster, now and in the future.

  • Application

    Make sure that candidates have a positive application experience and integrate feedback.

  • Select

    Select the right people for the right jobs by carefully crafting job descriptions.

03/ Optimise.

  • Hires

    Congratulations! You’re nearly there. Ensure that everyone within your company is working together effectively to coordinate the recruitment process with each other.

  • Pre-/onboarding

    Make your new colleagues feel right at home.

  • Data feedback loop

    Do you know what you need to measuring? And are measuring what you really need to know?

“There’s a better way to do recruitment. Hire only the people that your company needs, and don’t just draw from the candidates who find you.”

Edwin de Jonge Managing Partner Timetohire

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