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Interim recruitment is all about moving quickly, with smooth communication and excellent organisation. Our recruiters are experienced with interim projects and know how to quickly adapt to your organisation. Read more to find out what makes us unique.

‘Staying active, adjusting to a changing environment and, above all, giving every recruitment process the attention it deserves. That’s the focus of our approach.’

EDWIN DE JONGE Managing Partner Timetohire

Aim high.

Our solutions

If you’re looking for an interim recruiter, chances are you’re looking to quickly replace a recruiter who’s leaving your company or on temporary leave, or your organisation is growing too fast for your current recruitment team to keep pace. These are precisely the kinds of challenges that our recruiters solve for you.

With interim recruitment, your recruiter needs to be able to quickly adapt so that they can proactively help you, even if you only have limited information to give them. Not every recruiter can do that. That’s why all recruiters working for Timetohire must pass our strict hiring process. We vet them rigorously to ensure they have the knowledge and skills that the job requires.

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  • Building recruitment from the ground up at: The City of Delft

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Successful together

We focus on achieving success together. That makes us unique and sets us apart. Our interim recruiters don’t just bring their own expertise to the job: they can always count on their network of 35 fellow recruiters, with a combined total of 200 years of recruitment experience. They also have the support of premium recruitment tools and extensive training offered by our in-house experts at Timetohire.

Timetohire Interim Recruitment is your ideal partner for:

  • Resolving understaffing
  • Employer branding
  • ATS implementation/optimisation
  • Sourcing
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Process optimisation
  • International expansion
  • Largescale recruitment programmes

Save time and costs with our hands-on teamwork approach. Want to know more? Ask for a free consultation or download our framework and get started yourself.

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Recruitment Success Framework

We’ve combined all our expertise into our Recruitment Success Framework. In just 10 steps, we’ll show you how to make your recruitment a success.