Non Profit Recruitment

Build a sustainable recruitment process for your organization with help from our recruitment experts. Read why more non-profit organizations are choosing Timetohire.


Recruitment specialists working alongside you

Timetohire helps organizations turn their recruitment process into a success story. We do this by providing the expertise and support you need to optimize your recruitment. Our dedicated team of recruitment experts is at your service, making sure you find the talent your organization needs.

Professionalise recruiting.

Government/semi-government organizations, NGOs and foundations face unique challenges in recruiting the right people. Costs are rising, and many organizations lack a clear recruitment strategy. If this sounds familiar to you, then your organization will benefit from a professionalized recruitment process. Finding and attracting people requires specialized knowledge and experience within the sector. Our interim recruiters and recruitment managers know what it takes to attract candidates for every level of your organization. They also help you optimize your processes and lower costs.

Aim high

Why we take a tailored approach to recruitment

No two organizations are alike. That’s why we always start with an initial assessment to identify the key steps towards achieving your company’s goals. We carry this out with a team of recruiters focused on different specialties such as employer branding, job market outreach, sourcing, hiring and recruitment data.

Recruitment is more than just finding the right candidates. Attracting talent with a strong employer brand is equally important. We help you fine tune your employer brand to attract the talent you need and help you build a talent pool for the future.

Our recruiters help bring your recruitment to the next level, whether it’s implementing an applicant tracking system (ATS) or developing a smart social media strategy. Plus, we help you optimize every aspect of your recruitment, from optimizing the candidate experience to setting up an effective referral program and building a recruitment dashboard. We’re at your side, every step of the way.

How can you ensure a sustainable process and system for your recruitment team?


Bring our experts on board


We optimize where possible and automate where needed.

Satisfied stakeholders

We ensure that the internal customer is always satisfied with your recruitment results

Lower recruitment costs

Together, we get your external recruitment costs under control

Get inspired by our approach!

Our recruitment specialists follow our unique Recruitment Success Framework. We created this framework based on our years of experience and expertise. Click here to download it now.

Our approach


Our RPO teams and interim recruiters have the full support of their colleagues on the Timetohire workfloor. They all work as a team to create your talent pools and recruit the best candidates on your behalf to fill the vacancies within your organisation. That’s how you make recruitment sustainable and effective.

‘Breathing new life into the role of a recruiter.’

Mariska van der Zwan Head of HR for the city of Delft