Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

With Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), you can outsource some or all of your recruitment process to us. Our RPO service is designed to make the recruitment process measurable and transparent, while lowering your recruitment costs and attracting top talent.

  • 85 experts behind every recruiter

  • Get the most valuable insights

  • A specialist for every challenge

  • From reactive to proactive recruitment

A unique approach for success

Recruitment Success Framework

We have combined our expertise and experience in our Recruitment Success Framework. In this framework we show you in ten steps how to make recruitment a success.

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Long-term success with RPO


“It feels like we have been working with a colleague all along, rather than just hiring a freelancer for the job.”

Claudia Georgiades HR-Officer

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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is totally different from Interim Recruitment. With RPO we really are part of your company and company culture. We build together and are successful together. To be successful you need to be continuously active in the market and with an RPO recruiter you are assured of this. You are also less vulnerable if someone leaves, the result is that all knowledge about recruitment is well preserved. All data is and remains exclusively your property. Costs go down, speed, quality and results go up.

This is how we will add value with RPO

  • We recruit on behalf of your organisation and help build your employer brand.
  • Continuity. We are active in the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Candidates are exclusive to your organisation.
  • Expertise. Timetohire is an expert in the whole recruitment process including job marketing, employer branding, selection and onboarding.
  • Teamwork. You have one point of contact but a team of over 60 recruiters who carry out the work.
  • Transparency. Clear and measurable agreements and reports.
  • Flexibility. RPO by Timetohire is scalable, offers structure for the future and is easy to transfer.
  • Sustainability. If we work on your behalf, we also set up a talent pool. In this way we create long term value and thus contribute to a sustainable setup of recruitment within your organization.

What is our secret?

We don’t mince words about that. The basis of Recruitment Process Outsourcing starts with the Recruitment Success Framework. But everything stands or falls with the proper implementation of the strategy. The secret of RPO recruitment is the Recruiters of Timetohire and the fact that they can all work together. It’s a collective memory that represents 250 years of recruitment experience. Which approach works best in your market, on which channels are you most successful with sourcing or which tools can best be used to set up your process properly from start to finish. Our employees have the answer.

Our specialists


Expert Engineering Recruitment

9+ years of experience


Expert IT Recruitment

15+ years of experience


Project Manager Recruitment

13+ years of experience


Sourcing Specialist Recruitment

4+ years of experience


Expert A.I. Recruitment

7+ years of experience


Expert Corporate Recruitment

7+ years of experience